when i wake up in the morning i say God got me,when i wake up in the morning i say thank you god,when i wake up in the morning i say god loves me 1 john 4:8 Who are you that you are mindful of us and that your eyes follow us where ever we go,you are the lord god almighty creator of heaven and earth genesis 1;1 For there is no other god before you,behind you,or besides you Deut 6;4 For you see my soul does seek after you,it yearns for you it delights after you,for you alone are the son of god who came to ransom my soul and for this my soul does magnify you jesus. Jeremiah 31;3 yes i have love thee and with everlasting kindness i have drawn thee out ,out of where the pit of hell ,for jesus gave his life for our souls and with his blood he could draw us out of the pit of hell,but what must i do you ask you must believe in the son of god who is jesus christ the son of god….I ask you now do you want to continue on the path of lies.deception,unbelief,of knowing the truth that jesus christ is the son of god,or can i lead you in the most powerful prayer known to men and women So here it is ;Do you believe jesus christ is the son of god and are you sorry for all of your sins,and do you invite him into your heart and life today I PRAY YOU ANSWERED YES TO ALL 3 QUESTIONS and in doing so you are saved by the blood of jesus saved by his everlasting love that drawed you out of the pit of hell….for those who doubt i will pray for you a romans 9;15 that jesus will have mercy and compassion on your soul,i pray the blood of jesus on you always pastor anna

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