Will You Follow Jesus?

Beloved, We are not of this world. Greater is He that is in me, than he who is of this world. Abide in Me and I in You. (Matthew 4:18 Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.) Follow Me and I will lead the way. I heard Jesus say “follow me”, I will lead the way. Take up your cross everyday. Be faithful everyday. Will you follow Jesus?

(Matthew 10:13 5:6-7)
(Mark Chapter 9:33-38) Jesus was always teaching his disciples, Humble yourself as a child. To be great in God’s Kingdom. Child like Faith.

(Mark 10:13). Importance of Humility.

Teachable Spirit. Rough but teachable, Jesus saw them as people He could mold and shape. Jesus says, “Start with a New Heart”.

If you want to be great for God, you have to have a teachable spirit. We hope you’ll be great in God’s Kingdom. For We Have Faith, Hope, We Believe, We Declare and Decree God’s Army Is Rising Up, For He Is Awaking Us ALL That Are Called For His Purpose. He’s calling the poor, the hurt, the broken hearted, the weak, the less unfortunate, the homeless, children, the elderly, the young, the middle age, He’s Calling Us ALL. Don’t Ever Think That God Can Not Us You, He Loves You and created you for a purpose and a future, molded and shaped into Gods perfect image.

Did you walk today where Jesus walked? Did you feel His Presence today?


Be Blessed today and everyday everyone, Continue to build your relationship with Jesus, stay in the word and try to meditate on one scripture a day…You won’t be disappointed…I Am That I AM One God Ministry, Thanks you all and Plea’s the blood of Jesus over you and your family. To God Be The Glory…Much Love And Aloha…! We Have Bibles, the Daily Bread, Anointing Oil for anyone who wants just leave us your name and address and we will get those to you and if you know of a friend let us know and we will give for them as well.

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