i am faced with many challanges in my life everyday but has I walk in this world they will surely come!So i say bring them because this is how we grow today i am faced with being vaccinated i know with all of my heart and soul that i am covered by the blood of jesus and he is my healer i had at least 3 heaet attacks and was said to me that there was a clot and i was put in icu for 2 days too no avail drs couldnt figure it out so i was down graded to telemetry heart unit for more observations and pokes of needles of blood thiners,then i said devil u are once a liar and have even now lying to me again you are the blood thinner get behind me rebuke you are and quoted the scripture jude 1;9 called for the dr and said to him this,2000 years ago a son of god came down from heaven  and died for my sins and not only mine but the whole world you included and with his precious blood he heals me and most of all he forgives me so my god will heal me give me my discharge papers im going home this was over 7 years ago i am well on no medication and i am 64 years ago so today has a celebration and a testimony i will recieve the shot not out of fear but out of victory not of sin but obedience i will not let anyone tell be i cant work in a care home unless i get vaccinated because this is where people are living that need to know jesus died for there sins and they need to have me pray for them so in this case i will be vaccinated for to live is christ and to die is christ,i live because christ gave his life for the whole world…..read mark 16;18  we are healed thru the  power of jesus so do u believe jesus christ is the son of god and are u sorry for all of your sins and do u invite jesus into your heart today best decession for eternity is saying yes yes yes be blessed in knowing jesus got us!!!

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