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From financial services to family law, Whitfield & Eddy Law brings together lawyers who focus on specific areas of expertise. We get to know your specific needs and apply our deep expertise to develop creative and effective solutions to achieve your goals. We focus on reducing risk for clients through a proactive approach to local and international operations. Our lawyers help state and local governments navigate the web of legal challenges related to governance. Whitfield & Eddy is well known throughout the state of Iowa, with law firms in Des Moines and Mount Pleasant. We are respected in the legal community as the go-to law firm for large local, regional, national and international corporations. For more information about our cost-effective, value-based legal services, please contact us today. One of our lawyers can prepare your will and trust, help you with estate planning, help you with enforcement and handle any disputes in the process. At Whitfield & Eddy Law, we address the legal issues that prevent businesses from growing and achieving greater success.

With our lawyers taking care of your business affairs, you can focus on growth and development. We offer a wide range of services in the commercial sector, including: Free consultationVideo Conferencing OffersCheyenne Whitfield We create proactive policies for your workplace to keep your business productive and profitable. With your first free call to Paul Whitfield Law Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, you`ll quickly realize its superior ability to handle your case extremely efficiently and competently. Attorney Paul Whitfield is able to assess and anticipate critical issues that will achieve the most effective outcome. Lord. Whitfield said: “We often find that there are times when an injury is more serious and significant than a client initially thought.” For a free initial evaluation, call us directly at (704) 372-8322. The law firm Paul Whitfield handles all types of personal injury on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge a fee unless we seek damages (settlement money) for you. When you work with Whitfield & Eddy Law on your personal or business legal matter, you get support from an established law firm. Our Iowa team of lawyers is known for their exceptional skill, ability and professionalism both inside and outside the courtroom. We are down to earth and approachable to our clients and constantly pursue their goals in the courtroom.

Originally from Queens, New Yorker, graduated from the State University of New York (SUNY) Albany in 2010 with a degree in political science, history and a minor in criminal justice. Wife. Whitfield graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida in 2013 and became a member of the Florida Bar in 2015. She has opened a practice in the Tampa Bay area, where she lives and works. He has established several practice areas, including immigration, criminal defence and commercial law. Her passion is helping people in her community solve their legal problems through the court system and knowing that they are in good hands. She continues to strive to achieve her clients` goals by being an excellent advocate for her clients. Insurance companies have lawyers who are paid to make sure you receive little to no money for your injuries. If you don`t hire the right lawyer, you could lose some or all of your settlement benefits. At Whitfield & Eddy Law, we offer unique and effective solutions to complex legal situations. For over 90 years, our clients have relied on comprehensive legal support in family and estate matters, as well as their economic interests, which operate in a wide range of industries. During this time, our team includes more than 40 lawyers, who have all the skills and expertise to overcome your obstacles and help you achieve a positive outcome.

Choose a local firm in Brooksville, Florida for careful representation. For a free consultation, call attorney Paul Whitfield at (704) 372-8322. We constantly provide the cutting-edge knowledge and proven skills that our clients are looking for for their business and financial affairs. “Our law firm doesn`t charge fees unless we recover from your injuries.” We are your full-service law firm for all your legal challenges. Our attorneys in Des Moines and Mount Pleasant, Iowa serve businesses in many practice areas, families and individuals with a wide range of services, sophisticated advice and unique legal solutions. Whether you need the support of a lawyer for personal or professional matters, you can count on our team for professional, fast and proactive support. We handle all disputes and administrative matters in labour law and collaborate with companies of all sizes, municipalities and authorities. Known and respected for his experience, reliability and strong work ethic, lawyer Paul Whitfield and his team are tireless advocates for those injured and their families. The Paul Whitfield law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina will always give you clear answers and consider all possible options to ensure your rights are protected, your medical needs are taken into account, and you get the best possible solution to your claim. Who looks after YOUR interests? At Paul Whitfield, P.A., we protect the injured.

With more than 40 years of active legal practice, we represent individuals in serious cases of assault and wrongful homicide in the Charlotte, North Carolina metropolitan area. If you are injured due to someone else`s negligence, insurance companies hire the best-trained lawyers and regulators to protect their financial interests. You need a lawyer who protects your interests. Contact us for more information » Owners, developers, investors and managers rely on our firm for closing, title and many other real estate services. Before choosing a lawyer, consider the lawyer`s experience, litigation skills, track record, and commitment to getting proper settlements and jury verdicts. Paul Whitfield Law Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina has over 40 years of experience successfully handling infringement cases for thousands of clients in North Carolina. Paul Whitfield`s law firm is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the North Carolina law firm handles client cases throughout the state of North Carolina, including Concord, North Carolina; Monroe, North Carolina; Gastonia, North Carolina and surrounding counties. Whether it`s for a divorce, custody dispute or any other family law issue, our compassionate lawyers will assist you. Iowa`s top engineers and contractors rely on us to protect their projects and cut red tape.

Our litigators represent entrepreneurs and small business owners against Fortune 500 companies and international corporations. The types of cases assessed by the law firm Paul Whitfield of Charlotte, North Carolina, include assault; medical malpractice; workers` compensation; catastrophic injury; brain damage; Head injury; head trauma; spinal injuries; unlawful killings; abuse in nursing homes; truck accidents; car accidents; car accidents and injuries; motor vehicle accidents and injuries; Whiplash; motorcycle accidents; Personal injury; pedestrian injuries; accidents involving school buses; boat accidents; bicycle accidents; civil liability for commercial vehicles; severe burns; electrical injury; responsibility for premises; slipping and falling; insufficient security; negligent security. The experienced and compassionate team at Paul Whitfield Law Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina knows how to achieve results and settlements for their aggrieved clients, both inside and outside the courts.