We Love Him Because HE First LOVED US!

Good Morning Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ… Today is (1 John 4:19) We Love Him because HE first Loved Us….How GREAT is that to be loved First By GOD before we was even thought of or born, This has never changed, and it will never change. Our Father in heaven Loves us all each and everyone of us, it doesn’t matter if you think how can you be loved after you may have done this, or did that, how can I be loved, because I’m like this, God the Father does not look at you in this way, HE knows of these things but HIS LOVE for you is GREATER than it all. He tells us to come to Him as we are, we don’t have to think that we have to be this certain way or have this done or make sure that I am without fault in anything, HE SAYS COME AS YOU ARE!!! For we are all beautiful and wonderfully made, when we come to Him, He will lead us and guide us unto HIS WAYS AND HIS TRUTH which WILL SET YOU FREE, WE ALL NEED JESUS, SO COME TO ME, ALL THAT ARE HEAVY BURDENED AND HE WILL GIVE YOU REST, NOT BY YOUR MIGHT BUT BY HIS MIGHT AND HIS POWER YOU ARE SET FREE AND MADE RIGHTEOUS IN HIS EYES.

(1 tHESSALONIANS 5:18) Give thanks in all circumstances, for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. God wants us to develop this spiritual habit of seeking him and spending time with him, one that is reflected in the life of a radical believer, The more deeply you understands GOD’S LOVE, the more grateful you are going to be, Give thanks in all circumstances, and know that God the Father LOVES you unconditionally, so come as you are, and get to see and know and feel the LOVE GOD has for you…! Be Blessed today and always, giving thanks unto the Father each and everyday, be intentional about our thankfulness every day. If you are going to be happy in your relationships and in life, you have to learn to live with integrity and keep your promises. Be trustworthy and Love One Another…!!! Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand to others, to the ones in need or the ones that just need a friend. Love you all, I AM THAT I AM ONE GOD PLEAS THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. We have free bibles and anointing oil, let us know and we will gladly send them to you, we also have the daily bread, good for having a word from God close by you at all times, but nothing like having your bible with you at all times, sharper than any two edge sword. THE WORD OF GOD.

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