HI everyone  i prayer where ever you are this message frees you from any bondages has for me it was fear hate and anxiety and alcoholism and  low self esteem, this is what jesus delivered me from ,so when i say any bondages this is what i am talking about,so i am going to speak from the holy spirit into your life has the spirit opens me up .i will take a moment to praay ———————I  am led to say to you dont give up now or never  the things that you are being tempted by is a trap to draw you away from jesus dont fall for it get away from it in the name of jesus i declare freedom from this demon   that is lying to you i give it a rebuke from god the passage you are to use is jude 1;9 you feel no one understands you and that your family and friends are against you .this is true what to do bless and forgive them lift each foot  up one at a time shake the dust off and move on and find messages like the iamthatiamonegod .com and follow jesus ,you are a valuable prize possession too him and he loves you uncondtionally you must receive this word for it is life and oil too your soul,let me lead you in a prayer,With your head bowed  do you believe jesus christ is the Son of GOD? Are you sorry for alll of your Sins? And do you invite him into your Heart today and forever?I pray all of your answers are yes yes yes and by the power in the name of jesus i claim  your soul for the glory of God!!!!!SAVED SAVED SAVED you can also follow me on instagram and face book under ferreira charlotte be blessed dont give up your worth is so valuable or satan wouldnt be trying so hard to keep u ,today you broke out and are free free free free free free i can go on and on this is true freedom knowing you belong to jesus i leave you with a simple mesage and that is founded in first john 4;8 God is Love   love u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll pastor Anna

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