Wait on me!

Good Morning cant sleep me too so what do i do i pray in what is known has tongues what is that you ask its a heavenly language that satan cant know its called direct conversation with god in the mysteries of the unknown this you can read in ephesians  6;19 reads,that utterance may be given that i may open my mouth  boldly  to make known the mystery of God,so i am opening my spirit to you to revel the mystery of GOD it simply opening your mouth and letting your tongue loose and not speaking your language you speak for me its english only but you must say this prayer with me do you believe jesus christ is the son of GOD?Are you sorry for all of your SINS?And do you invite him into your lIfe and heart? I pray you say  yes to this prayer fall on your knees and raise your hands over your head and thank him thank him and worship has you do this the holy spirit will fall and god will come inside of you and has you worship just keep saying i love you jesus over and over again until  start saying bits of unknown words being said to try to understand it its the tongues coming in has you become filled keep going it is a natural high that cant compare to any drug satan trys to throw your way,keep doing this in your day when you sleep and pray in the spirit i leave you with this scripture in 1 corinthians 14;2 for he that speaketh in a unknown tongue speaketh to GOD and not unto men for he speaketh unknown mysteries,i leave you with this true nuggeth remeber you must believe and call on jesus until next time love you always in jesus  pastor anna

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