today is the day of acceptance!!!

Dont wait dont second guess  yourself,dont die and show up to heaven and realize there is God,what will you say?Generational curses took jesus out and told us how to believe,i grew up has a catholic believeing i had to talk to all of these idols named mark,christopher,anthony,and most of all mary,so in talking to them they would go tell jesus that i was sorry,so i was so unworthy that i had a better chance to have forgiveness wow what a lie and a rip off ,sure i wasnt good enough sure i was a failure sure i had  low self esteem ,but now i couldnt even talk to god ,man this would turn anyone away,no wonder what a mess i was,so i did what i was told not to do,i seeked him out for my self,and i found out that he was there for me waitting all along, this my friend is truly a realationship with jesus not a religion be free from the curse!!!call on jesus get on your knees and cry jesus i need you please help im sorry for all of my sins i invite you into my heart,please come into my life,that simple no fake news here!!!!I AM AKA CHARLOTTE FERREIRA ON FB REQUEST ME FOR LIVE MESSAGE!   dont delay                                                                                                                            love u all

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