Hi Everyone This Is Pastor Anna first of all i want to say thank you for all the support you have given to this ministry,for over 7 years i have been in the places that no one would want to go and even now that is where i am,the church has we know it is closed we rent from the department of education and now to this day they have not contacted me,i have been going out to the houseless sites and where ever i see abandoned cars where families are living in .i try to bring them a hot meal clothes and easy opening can food with that i know i have been promoted in the field,from the beginning i always said church is in you,it is not in a building for you are the temple of the living God jesus is his name!I FEEL THIS IS MY PROMOTION before i go see Jesus,for if i cant go out and touch others then i am liken unto the servant who lost his talent and buried in his back yard,and when the master came to see what the servant invested in such has helping one another he had nothing to say ,this is too far a price i cannot repay ,you see somebody woke me up,and said daughter stand to your feet and follow me ,it was then that i began to see love and this love i did not know has a child,i was the most unloved unsecure person you may have ever known ,even taking pictures i could not look in the camera,i tell you this because jesus has transformed my life and for the first time in my life i know the meaning of true love it is in jesus!He loves unconditionally and for this i dont try to figure out who loves me who judges me i know that jesus loves and for me this is huge and it is bigger then anyone else who is trying to make u feel less then who u are!I dont profess to know it all cause i do not but the one sure thing you can count on is the love of Jesus!He will never ever stop loving you for this reason he went to the cross and purchased our souls back from the author of lies old fallen foe satan aka lucifer once a beautiful angel but he let pride stand in front of him and he fall out of heaven and he is here trying to steal this word i am given to you 1/3 fallen angels are fallen with him …What to do? cCall on jesus Just say jesus i need you come into my life i need you i am so sorry for all of my sins ,please come into my life and heart ,its that easy jesus Jesus made nothing hard wee do that on our own,so my friend and i call you this because in the bible in John 15;13 it reads Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends, i leave you with this i ask that you too make this decession and follow jesus ,please pray for me in the field has i go out to feed and minister to souls,i can truly say i love you all dont loose hope keep your eyes on jesus follow me on instagram for more live messages under iamthatiamonegod love you love you love you!

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