Hello Brother’s and Sister’s In Christ!

I Just wanted to come on and share something that has been on my heart, in my dreams, and teachings from our Holy Spirit. Father is God, He Is Our Father, He Loves Us and knew us before we were even formed in our Mother’s womb, Father’s One and Only Son Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Jesus thought his disciples at the table to (take communion) all the time in remembrance of Him, this is for us our healings as well, When Jesus died on the (Cross) He shed His Blood, which now we have (The Blood Of Jesus the Protects Us) and flows within us all. Jesus asked Father when he was about to descend back up into Heaven to send us a Helper who is just like him, He did he sent us (Our Holy Spirit). Spirit is our Helper, Friend, Teacher, He Guides Us, (HE is the Oil). Jesus Thought us in the word that He always went to a quite place to seek and hear the Will of the Father, to (Pray) and to( Fast). (The Word) and Our Holy Spirit teaches us to (seek the kingdom of Heaven), to (seek Jesus) to always go deeper into the word. Holy Spirit speaks to us in so many ways, (be still and know that he is God), (wait on him and hear his words.)

Jesus will also speak to us in dreams and visions and in the bible it says in the last days God’s Spirit Poured Out Spirit, (Joel 2:28). So this coming of the Spirit will be an outpouring. Holy Spirit is coming back like in the book of (ACTs), In My dreams Jesus has been showing me that we fight our battles in Prayer, speaking in tongues. Prayer is Vital, Covering yourself, your family, friends, home, job, cars, everything with the blood of Jesus, speak to Holy Spirit He Is Your Friend. Build A Relationship with Him. When we get attacked at home at our jobs where ever it may be, the enemy uses people, we have to remember hey, this is a spiritual battle, you will feel it and sense it, So now we have Our Father, Jesus and Our Heavenly Angels, Holy Spirit, The Blood Of Jesus, Oil, Prayer, Faith, to help us battle! In John 10:11 it says, “I AM the GOOD SHEPERD, THE GOOD SHEPERD GIVETH HIS LIFE, FOR THE SHEEP. There will be many Sheperd’s, but not all of them will be “good” many flee when they see the wolf coming, and don’t care for the sheep they run in fear, Jesus laid down His Life for His SHEEP, NOT ALL MEN ARE HIS SHEEP, those who will believe in Him and not one of his sheep shall perish.

(John 10:10) The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that thee may have life and have it to the fullness. (John 11:9) Jesus answered are there not twelve hours of daylight? anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by the world light. It is when a person walk’s at night that they stumble, for they have no light. (John 11:25) Jesus told Martha I AM the RESCURRECTION and the LIFE. THE ONE WHO BELIEVE’S IN MY WILL LIVE, EVEN THOUGH THEY DIE AND WHOEVER LIVES BY BELIEVING IN ME WILL NEVER DIE. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?

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