The Model Prayer!

Hello Beloved Children of God…..! In Luke Chapter 11:1-4 says that Jesus was praying in a certain place, when one of His disciples asked Jesus, ” Lord teach us how to pray as John also taught his disciples. Jesus said to them “When you pray say, ” Our Father Who Art In Heaven. Hallowed be Thy Name. Your Kingdom, Your Will Be Done. One Earth As It Is In Heaven. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, And Forgive Us Our Sins, for We Also Forgive Everyone who is indebted to us, and Do Not Lead Us into Temptation But Deliver Us From the evil one.

Let this be a guide to Prayer.

Jesus teaches persistence in prayer, along with a sense of urgency and boldness. We must be earnest and wholehearted in our prayer request. The persistence is necessary for our benefit, not God’s.

Keep Asking, Keep Seeking, Keep Knocking, Keep Praying.
Beloved Children of God, Continue to Pray to Our Father In Jesus Name, Covered By His Sovereign Blood. Pray BIG AND BOLD PRAYERS.

Be Blessed Today and Always…I Am That I AM One God Ministry Plea’s the Blood Of Jesus Over You and Your Family! We have Bibles, the Daily Bread and Anointing Oil for you all, leave us your name and address and we will surly get those to you.

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