Greeting my fellow friends,neighbors,sister and brothers may the blood of jesus be upon you and i pray jesus blessings on you to guide and protect you always!I know we are in a war with Peace and that so many things are happening right now,but this is a time to stand and pray that god will send peace and healing back to us!2nd Chronicles 7;14 reads if my people who will humble themselves and confess that jesus christ is the son of god and confess him has your lord and saviour we shall be saved and not perish meaning do not lose heart and soul john 3;16 ,also in the book of chronicles it reads that we must seek jesus to heal our land and forgive us from our sins…So now is the time to have a true talk with jesus,its the only way my friend i can tell you from experience i had so much rage and hate and anger that i didnt want to live ,but in my desperation i called out to jesus to help me and he answered and he gave me a new meaning of life and today i am free from anger ,rage,hate and i forgot the main one feeling unloved,i am free and loved by jesus so no matter what comes or goes i belong to jesus.Let me help you has someone also led me to jesus ,simply by asking you do you believe that jesus christ is the Son of GOD?ARE YOU TRULY SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS? AND DO YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR HEART FOR EVER? I pray all of your answers were YES…….You are saved and you are free from all those voices and bondages has i named mine but i am free also stay tune to messages on facebook under charlotte ferreira and on instagram under iamthatiamonegod under pastor anna keep encouraged dont lose hope remember this ,you are Loved by Jesus the Son of GOD! 1 john 4;8 FOR GOD IS LOVE until next time pick up your cross and follow Jesus!!!! Love pastor Anna

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