Search My Heart O Lord!

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of Christ….Search my heart ‘O Lord, let there ne no envy, no jealousy, or of my flesh, no ordinary impulses that would lead me to come into my old heart.
Let me build on your foundation Jesus, My Rock, My Fortress, Never Shaken.
Through our daily walk with Jesus the enemy will fire his fiery darts at us. God’s fire of testing to see that evidence of your new heart begins to shine forth.
The fire of walking in what you believe and the fire of being tested come to appraise your character to
see of what you are made of. Test of fire allows the new heart to shine forth. Build your foundation on the Rock.

Keep putting the word inside you, it will pierce on the subconscious level and begin to heal your emotional memories.
1. Stop comparing against negative, emotionally familiar experiences. God’s word will begin to replace these old memories according to the word of God. You will gain a new perspective, it will amaze you.

Psalm 1:2-Keep meditating on the word day and night.
Digest the word over and over until it gets through the cerebral cortex where we think, strategize, plan, reflect and inspired as God takes your vision for the future to an incredible new level. You will start to see yourself succeed and prosper, until you become an overcomer!!!

Consistently meditate on the word of God. Declare As For Me and My House We Will Serve The Lord!

Thank you for taking your time to come and support I Am That I AM One God Ministry. What we write is what we have and still going threw in our lives for no one is exempt. For we all fall short of the glory of God, God gives us hard battles, trials, tribulations to His toughest Solider and Warriors. Keep pursuing Jesus, stay in His Word and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Trust in Him. We still have anointing oils for sale, let us know and we will gladly ship them out to you, if you feel a tug on your heart to donate or give a love offering to help us continue to do what we do, if you appreciate our words of encouragement, If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you and I, and shed His Blood for Us, help us to continue to keep writing and share the Love of Jesus and His Gospel. Also all of our true testimonies and life experiences we have gone through and it helps you get through tough times, may you blessed today and always as you give with a giving heart. I Am That I AM One God, pleas the blood of Jesus over you and your families. Much Love and Aloha! We have Bibles, the Daily Bread and Anointing Oil for you all, leave us your name and address and we will get it to you. Thank you.

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