Party GIRL

There  is a song that came out in the 60 s saying its my party and i will cry if i want to,the song is about a girl who just saw her boyfriend with another girl well my party is the day when jesus gave his life for me on a cross no one else could show up and take his place for it had to be a man fully god in a robe of flesh with no sin!IT BLOWS MY MIND…..How love was displayed so it was all the sinners greatest party at the cost of a saviour with no sin and flith he took it upon himself and he loved me with a cross he did not see what we are he saw what we could be i myself am a mess,i aim to be more lije jesus and less of my self ,for the more i see his love i want to see less of myself so if you feel unloved jesus felt that way when he went to the cross if you feel misunderstood jesus felt that way when everyone turned his back on him if you feel lost jesus died so you could be found i am pastor anna with a message of love and forgiveness you can never go so far that jesus wont find you so let me say a prayer for you please let me…….DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD?ARE YOU SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS?AND DO YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR HEART?    I PRAY ALL OF YOUR ANSWERES ARE YES YES YES  AND IN THE NAME OF JESUS I CLAIM YOUR SOUL FOR THE GLORY AND THE HONOUR OF JESUS YOU ARE SAVED!!!!YOU ARE LOVED BY JESUS TODAY TOMORROW FOR EVER LOVED LOVED LOVED IN THE NAME OF JESUS just say thank you jesus. till next time  may the power of the blood of jesus be upon you always amen bye for now remeber its your party celebrate jesus!!!

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