Has i search for you I know you are there waitting for me to give you a nugget  a gold nugget  that is!So i will ask the HOLY SPIRIT TO SPEAK ,…………………………………………………..IN MY SPIRIT I FEEL YOU!you are very angry with life and people who you try to use you to their advantage and even tho you still try to help others you are very angry,this is what i feel led for you to do say out loud all of their names and look back when this  betrayal of hurt started this will take at least 3 days,and everytime you say a name say i choose love and i forgive  this person this incident  I CHOOSE LOVE!!!Say it now with me ready?    I choose love to forgive       i will return in 2 days or 3 with more spiritual insight  please visit this page and now i will pray with u..                 DEAR JESUS PLEASE BLESS WHO EVER IS READING THIS MESSAGE HELP THEM TO OPEN THEIR HEART I PRAY FOR SLEEP AND REST FOR THEM PLEASE REVEL YOUR SELF TOO THEM THAT YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD AND HELP THEM TO CONFESS THIS   JOHN 3;16 AND ASK YOU INTO THEIR HEARTS!!!!thank you jesus for this word you have given i claim it on good ground and bind satan from trying to devour it jude 1;9   I am pastor anna until i see you in the spirit keep you eyes on Jesus

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