Part 1 of “It truly is Two Different Worlds!

Good Morning Beloved Children of God. I wanted to share these words that was on my heart with you today.

It truly is two worlds. When you really look at it, really. really see and begin to see the 2 difference, there is a Father in Heaven who gave His one and only Son, who came to this world as a baby and grew into a man, a man who showed love, compassion kindness, He didn’t judge, He says anyone of you that has not sinned cast the first the stone, He did signs and wonders showing us and revealing to us that we are not of this world and we have a Father in Heaven who loves us unconditionally. Jesus showed us how to pray to our Father, how to seek our Father in heaven, He was than and still is our teacher, our healer, our comforter, our friend. A Man who is the Great I Am, who spoke of Truth, and of life, He taught us how to live and make it threw this world, and how to defeat the devil, that roams this earth, to come and steal, kill and destroy us. He’s the Prince of Peace, Our Lord and Savior, Jehovah, Jesus Christ!!! When you spend time in God’s creation, out in His Nature, you begin to see the beauty of God, and you have to wonder if it’s like this here on earth, how great it is in heaven. You listen to the sounds that carry through the wind, the air, you hear the birds, if there is a river close by you will hear the water flowing, if you are by the ocean you will hear the waves, such a beautiful, calming, peaceful sound, you see the birds, owls, eagles, hawks, flying high in the sky, soaring with no worries or cares in the world. For Jesus says the birds don’t even worry what or when or where they will eat for they TRUST in the Lord, for all creation worships God. There should be no other idols. They soar high in the heavens, with GRACE and Elegance, the first word that always comes to my mind is FREEDOM. How FREE they look soaring and flying, in the sky, being able to see down and see things that we have to pay to ride a helicopter or a plane to see high above. When you truly see the BEAUTY in all things, that’s a perfect example of Who God Our Father Is, Who Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Is, and also who our Holy Spirit is. Look for the good in people for Gods children we do not past judgement upon man, that is our Fathers job. Let Us All Be the Light in this darken world that the devil has made it to be, but the devil can never take away Our Fathers Beauty in ALL THINGS. Let Us Focus on The Things Above always looking up to the Heavens and not looking down, looking ahead and forward, not looking back and into the past. Lets keep our eyes, heart, mind ,body soul, In Jesus, for there He Is Our Safe Refuge, Our Rock, Our Fortress For With Jesus All Things Are Possible Through Jesus Christ who strengthens Us ALL! Be Blessed today and always My brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep that Faithful Heart, Keep the Hope and Keep Believing In Him who sits at the right hand of GOD, OUR SAVIOR. I AM THAT I AM ONE GOD MINISTRY, Plea’s the blood of Jesus over you and your family. Much Love and Aloha.

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