paid in full!

Dont worry about any debt  paid in full, is what the word says that is  if you gave your life to jesus!!! Are you sorry for all of your sins?do you believe jesus christ is the son of god? Do you invite him in your heart today?Saved saved saved should all  questions be yes,dont delay  accept him in your life today,has i was looking back on my life has a young girl ,when i was forced to put my alcoholic dad to bed when he came home at 4am in the morning for fear he tried to hit my mom ,i had to obey and do this i said nothing ,when my brother beat me ,all that was told to me by my mother was put on makeup  on so your brother doesnt feel bad ,i said nothing,there were so many more things i can add ,but for now the point was i didnt have a voice,and now i speak loudly of what jesus has brought me thru to be the voice to you and tell you ,use your voice today and call on jesus yes i beleive you are the son of god i am so sorry for all of my sins and yes i invite you in my heart,this my friend is deliverance from generational curses that once we were silence from speaking out to jesus to take these demons away from all of our past hurt,this is why i am strong because of jesus living in the inside of me no  more fear or pain this i was delivered from,love you all we had a big order of oil that was sent out ,next order ships out on friday jan 15th 2021 text me with your  address and for those who can send a donation it is appreciated but only if u can, love u all my testamonial pastor anna

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