oil oil oil

call in for the oil ,oil is protection against the devil in the book of matthew it reads they cast out many devils and anointed them with oil,because i know we are in a spiritual warfare that does not require guns,or other warfare items ,this is a attack on us from satan,he is jealous of you because he knows that jesus ransomed you with the antidote of himself ,and with the blood of jesus and the confession of you calling out to him by saying I BELEIVE IN YOU JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD.IM SO SORRY FOR AALL MY SINS PLEASE FORGIVE ME ,PLEASE COME INTO MY LIFE.   thats it!  You are saved!!!!read it in John 3:16 the oil is for you go out and buy a bottle of oil,better yet go in your kitchen and put some in a cap and dip your finger in it and put it on your crown of your head  and forehead,I make oil necklaces and put them in little travling bottles and will be happy to send them to you.for those who havent gotten them hold on please send in for them please it is your antidote,not the vaccine it will give you false hope!!!Jesus is the hope for this broken world he is the hope of all glory he will protect us and has ownership on our souls!!! I LOVE U ALL ,thank you for all that visit this web site ,i am encouraged because of you,so please keep talking to Jesus never stop. Merry Christmas love you all! visit me under iamthatiamonegod  on instagram

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