Oil is the Holy Spirit, it protects You from satan why, because it is the HOLY SPIRIT… Wear it on your neck, and pour it on your head, we are living in the last days satan is on the raise, should you be afraid? NO!!!! That is why you call on Jesus and wear your oil. Bless your houses with the oil, pour it around your property, draw that line and your put some on your children’s head, your spouse, yourself…Our Church is making this available to you as Jesus has laid this on Our Heart. We will ship it to you, any donations will be appreciated to support this ministry, Do what Jesus would have you do, but regardless send in for it today. In James 5:14 it is written l: Let him pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord ,and the sick will be healed..demons tremble and fear the oil why because it is the HOLY SPIRIT…Don’t delay satan is on the prowl, pour some oil on you and say jude 1:9 I rebuke you satan in the name of the Lord and I PLEAD THE HOLY BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZUROUS…We will personalize your oil and pray as the Holy Spirit leads us to do so. Come and Be blessed this is how you are equipped use the anointing oil..send in to: I am that I am one God p.o. box 2745 ewa beach hi 96706.

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