Move with Power

Hello and Happy New Year ! My friends and followers be empowered for the year 2017 for it is the year of prayer….Call on Jesus Christ the true lover of your soul….Know that Jesus died for you and without the shedding of his blood none of us would be here today.I know no other love story so great and so rich that no matter what comes against you it cannot touch may hurt that i know but when you give it to jesus and all the pain and suffering he took on the cross what can compare to what you are going thru?Be empowered with the love of Jesus and know when you surrender your life to him he will give you this power of him living inside of you…Yes 2017 is here start off right make today count for the rest of your life….Stop running turn to Jesus the lover of your Soul…Call me anytime for prayer.I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on you,,,

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