Merry Christ_ Mas

365 days a year Jesus came to save us from the fallen foe,who is a thief’a liar and a wimpless spineless foe who will try to even attack my message,why because we preach the goodness of jesus who came to set us free from satan s lies’even while i send this messg i need to give him a rebuke and remind him who he is a fallen foe with no back bone he will hit you when your down,put salt in your wounds,and attack the weak.My jesus came to ransom with me and gave his life on a cross and gave his life for you and me and when he gave his life he became a spirit and went to hell and told satan hand over their souls i am here to ransom them back …The blood of Jesus is a eraser that gives us a clean slate all you have to do is accept him as your Saviour’so lets do this ready Do you believe jesus christ is the son of God 2.Are you sorry for all of your sins 3.and do you accept him into your life today,my friend i pray you answered yes to all these questions this is the salavation pray ,jesus beat the devil took the souls out of hell and rose from the dead and saved us…believe this and accept him in your life today,for those who have unbelief i will pray a romans 9;15 a prayer for you that when u die and see jesus he will have mercy and compassion on your soul….this is merry christ-mas =more of faith less of doubt….love pastor anna

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