Let not your heart be troubled….

Jesus said i am the true vine if anyone follows me he shall have  a life full of glory and  have eternal life….Growing up has a young girl i was so unloved and misunderstood, anything i tried i only failed.I was searching for love and acceptance by my family my friends and even a personal realationship  ,it wasnt                                    until i found  Jesus that i could finally feel loved.All along he was seeking and waiting patiently  in love for me…So yes i found acceptance because jesus accepted me and loves me for who i am ,no longer do i look for mens approval for the bible says if God is for me who then can be against you….So i seek for this prize with Jesus it is him i wake up for it is him that loves me and does not judge me,for i know  that he loves me and hung on a tree to shed innocent blood  that with his blood it would be the atonement to give me eternal life..We were not meant to live a unhappy life we were meant to be happy knowing that jesus gives us peace and joy and love….Take my word i am living proof that Jesus is real… my testimoney to u….What must you do just say Jesus come into my life I need You…Im so sorry for not letting you in my life,but now i ask you to come in my life and lead me ..and above all say thank you for loving me….

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