Greetings in the Name of Jesus!Blessed to be able to say hello to who ever you are especially from someone like me!I AM THE ONE WHO WAS PUSHED TO THE BACK OF THE BUS BETTER TO SAY RUNNED OVER! Yes its just me writting to you trying to encourage you to lift your head up because its part of the plan,now i see clearly because whille i was being runned over i called for back up and i looked up and Cried Jesus I Need You!  Jesus lifted that bus that weight off of me!i never knew it until i knew it,today I am 64 years old and the beautiful thing about getting older is two facts i will give you right now.1. I s you get to look back at your life and see where Jesus brought you from and see how his hand was in your life and how he protected you!2. is the older you get is really not getting older but actually younger im 64 but really its 6plus 4 equalls 10 and the younger you get your innocence  again which is freedom from  sin and quilt you are free to love yourself again and to believe that looking back on your life Jesus was always there!So my friend itsJust me saying its time to call on Jesus! YOU ARE LOVED BY JESUS AND BECAUSE I TOO AM LOVED I LOVE YOU ALSO ENOUGHT TO POUR MY HEART OUT TO YOU AS A MESSANGER AND IF YOUR READY PLEASE SAY THIS PRAYER WITH ME!  DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD? AND ARE YOU SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS?AND DO YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR HEART?BY THE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS I CLAIM YOUR SOUL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!JUST TELL HIM THANK YOU! now i would like to pray for you,IN THE NAME OF JESS I BIND ANY NEGATIVE FALLEN SPIRIT DECEIVING MY FRIEND I GIVE A JUDE 1;9 REBUKE OF THE LORD JESUS I PRAY PEACE UPON YOU RIGHT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS!follow me on instagram under iamthatiamonegod.com and tiktok and under charlotte ferreira on fb  BLESSED YE ARE READ FOUR GOSPELS OF MATTHEW MARK AND LUKE AND JOHN  AND KEEP YOUR POSITION PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW JESUS ! amen

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