John 10:10

John 10:10      The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and life abundantly. The enemy is on the prowl, he’s trying to get into your thoughts, your mind, trying to destroy your marriage,  your finances, your job, the enemy is using people to come into your life and cause, chaos,  brings injustice into your life, where things are not right, not true, he try’s to steal your joy, peace, happiness, turning your life upside down, and you cant understand what is happening, its one thing after another. You feel like your spiraling down, and have no way out and the enemy starts to hit you hard and bringing into your thoughts all doubt, fear, anxiety attacks, thoughts of feeling hopeless, no one cares, no one loves you, feeling like your worthless, and you cant move on anymore you just want to quit and give up…….I am here today to tell you that THE ENEMY IS A LIAR, WHO ONLY COMES TO STEAL KILL AND DESTROY YOU…AND JESUS CAME TO GIVE YOU LIFE AND LIFE ABUNDANTLY IN ALL THINGS GOOD. TO GIVE YOU A SOUND MIND A FUTURE AND A HOPE,,,JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND HE IS WITH YOU ALWAYS, HES FIGHTING FOR YOU NOT AGAINST YOU, JUST KNOW THAT YOU CAN TRUST IN HIM JESUS CHRIST, HE IS THE TRUTH AND HIS PROMISES ARE REAL….!!!COVER YOURSELF EVERY DAY WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS, PRAY AND HANG ON TO JESUS HE WILL CARRY YOU THROUGH!!!!! ASK IN HIS NAME AND BELIEVE AND IT SHALL BE DONE IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. KEEP THE FAITH AND HOPE!!!! TOMARROW IS ALWAYS A NEW DAY, SORROW MAY COME IN THE NIGHT BUT JOY ALWAYS COMETH IN THE MORNING…TO GOD BE THE GLORY…FOR MY HOPE AND TRUST IS IN HIS SON JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR, MESSIAH, LORD OF LORDS AND KINGS OF KINGS, BEGINNING AND THE END, THE GREAT I AM!!!

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