Jesus Christ Super Hero

There is a ransom for your soul,don’t worry its already paid for,thru the blood of Jesus he paid your debt free’only one last thing,you have to believe it it happened over 2000 years ago,so lets take care of that right now! DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD, ARE YOU SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS,AND DO YOU INVITE HIM IN TO YOUR LIFE TODAY,I pray my friend you accept this prayer being sent out to you,best decisions not just for 2020 but thru eternity,so to the gentlemen who wants to end your life,you try and try and nothing seems to work,well you came into a divine appointment from a messenger from God i am here to tell you get your eyes on Jesus and start calling on his name. Say this I pray the blood of Jesus on me….The bad thoughts of depression are rebuked Jude 1:9 be blessed friends i will keep you in my prayers i close with a Romans 9:15 over you,yes this is your super hero who Ransomed you from the fallen foe known as Satan…

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