I vow!

I want to thank you all who visited this website and simply say i love you all ,for viewing this site’not for the likes or even dislikes but just that you took the time to visit,i vow to be here for you in a way where i can stay connected with you!I am a person who like many had a very hostile abusive child hood,I was timid in life that i acted like the class clown to be accepted!Today i am still a clown to many, many people mainly cause i cant stop talking about jesus christ the son of god,Jesus delivered me from me! The pain and fear and rage and angier only jesus could TAKE AWAY ,so today i vow to post often and say thank you for opening your self to jesus ,he is real and one day you will see him,but for now you must feel in him IN THE form that he is IN .you need no visual but a heart and mind that surrenders to him by feeling the holy ghost that is moving on you right now!For jesus is a spirit that moves and checks the heart and that is what he is willing to do right now,will you please open you heart and mind and let me lead you into this transformation of the holy spirit? DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD? ARE YOU SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS? AND DO YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR LIFE TODAY? I pray all of your answers were YES,AND BEING THEY WERE YOU ARE SAVED! YOU ARE DELIVERED FROM YOU AND SATAN WHO HAS TRIED SO HARD TO CONFUSE YOU FOR HE IS THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION,LOOK AT THE WORLD ITS ALL IN CONFUSION BUT THE ONE THING I KNOW IS TO KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! I WANT TO SAY A PRAYER FOR YOU RIGHT NOW,I PRAY TO YOU JESUS FOR EVERYONE VIEWING THIS MESSAGE THAT YOU WILL OPEN THEIR EYES AND HEART TO YOU AND REVEL THE HOLY GHOST WHICH IS YOUR SPIRIT TO THEM AND LEAD THEM TO YOU ,HELP THEM TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU ,AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO OPEN THEIR HEARTS TO YOU MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY!For those who are not sure lord help them not to wait much longer.for tomorrow is promiced to no one!I pray for them that you will have mercy on their soul for when they see you.they will know you are real i pray a romans 9:15 that in all jesus goodness he will have compassion on your soul!!!Until i see you in my heart i love you with the love of Jesus!!!!LOVE ALWAYS PASTOR ANNA

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