I come to give you Life….

For I Am the Giver of LIFE…No Man or women may obtain Life but only thru the giver of Life which is in GOD.Jeremiah 31;3 it reads Yea I have Loved Thee with an everlasting Love,therefore with Lovingkindness have I drawn thee, There is no other love that can even compare to the love of Jesus for he is the son of GOD…We look to others to give us this Love and to be honest all they do is let you down.My life began when I started looking to Jesus,I got my eyes on my family and husband and yes even my children and start looking to Jesus to fill me with his Love…So it doesnt hurt anymore because I have a love that will never die or change its mind about me or grow old…Jesus love is fresh and new everyday so no matter what i face i got Everlasting Love and the payoff cannot be measured and with this you get everlasting Life…Who came to give you Life JESUS did who loves you uncondtionally jesus does,my friend now is your time to accept this love ,just answer these 3 questions 1. Do you believe jesus christ is the son of God 2.And are you sorry for all of your sins 3,And do you invite him into your Life,i prayed you answered yes to all 3 questions and in doing so you are saved…I bind and rebuke any fallen spirits of deceit depression or anxiety or any fallen spirits on you Jude 1;9 and I claim your soul for the everlasting life only jesus can give you…Remember he came to give you Life.Also want to thank all the supportors who continue to support this ministry ,and for those who would like to donate any love offerings we also thank you.Know one thing that Jesus loves you…..till next time be in love with jesus…. pastor anna

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