I am just a nobody

Aloha everyone has my home for now is in Hawaii,So i like to share a memory of my self when i was a teen,not sure if the title has anything to do with it but god will speak thru this message has he is faithful and just to do that.So when i was about 14 or even 15 my brother gave me a little radio that sat on the floor it was about has big has this lap top computer i am typing on so i was pretty happy has we were raised with a single mother,so we were pretty poor ,so needless to say you can imagine what this little radio meant to me,one day my brother came over and saw it sitting on the floor ,which i just sat it down after all i didnt think i had to have on a table,he saw it there and he sweeped it up and said let me take this back,your not even taking care of it,i had no unkind words for him just in shock that he would take a little thing back that was worth so little to him.I was so sad and thought how could he do that,today i think of what god has given me and that little radio that played music for me and i realize that the music is inside me ,for when i met jesus and surrender to him by simply crying out lord jesus i need you i have music inside of me and its not cause someone turns it on or someone turns it off or try to take it away,its simply because no one can take jesus away from inside of me the music is always inside of me singing praise of adoration to jesus who never gave up on me…I am so thankful that Jesus never changes his mind about us and that is love is everlasing today and tomorrow and forever,so if you are the nobody then this message is for you cause that is who jesus comes for the nobodys that are over looked or easily chased away,has a young girl i was timid and shy and never had a voice even to say to my brother no i am taking care of it,jesus knows your pain and sorrow so for you that are suffering thru a lost of someone or some thing just sing it out loud and say jesus come into my life i am so sorry for all of my sins and please come into my life and make this melody of music in me….i pray you accept this word today and it has been a blessing to you.please continue to send in your comments and thank you for supporting this ministry,until we meet again remember jesus loves you 1john 4;8 pastor anna

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