Greetings This Pastor Anna with a word for you ,this is a unknown mystery of a prophetic truth,i do not profess i am a physic for they have demon spirits and are not true words that you should receive,Only Jesus Christ can Examine your heart,God has given me this truth to speak in your life today has he will check my heart has i ask him to let the holy spirit guide me in this truth,let me tell you that the holy spirit is jesus christ the son of god i john 5;7 reads For there are THREE that bear witness in heaven,the Father,the Word,and the Holy Ghost;and these Three are One…THIS IS THE HOLY SPIRIT ,IT IS HE WHO MOVES EVERY ONE CHECKING OUT THE HEARTS,In Genesis 2;1 and the Spirit of God and the spirit of God Spirit of God is moving right now checking the hearts,so i am here to give you a word, I know you have been battling a demon in your body and hear voices of bad thoughts,things you went thru has a child there was abuse in your life that was passed down from your father,and for this reason you were and still are the victim of a past generation curse that was brought down to you,how to be free repeat after me ,i believe that jesus christ is the son of god,and truly sorry for all of my sins,i ask you jesus to please deliver me from theses bad thoughts,sickness,and depression to end my life ,please come into my life and be my God.I will pray over you right now In the Name of JESUS CHRIST I BIND THE SPIRIT OF ATTACK ON YOUR BODY JUDE 1;9 THE LORD REBUKE YOU SATAN GET OUT,,,,,WE AGREE MATT 18;20 DONE DONE DONE DONE NOW LIFT YOUR HANDS UP TO THE HEAVENS AND TELL HIM THANK YOU,till next time i am pastor anna SAY I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST ON ME….

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