holy spirit moves

The holy spirit is the spirit of God that lives inside of you  that gives you life…. i ask you are you well are you feeling content with your life,i know you may feel like no one gave you what you have worked for,well speaking from the the holy spirit you are wrong it is the holy spirit that gave you everything you have today…In deuteronmy 6;5 it says And you shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all of your soul and might….Do you want to know this holy Spirit ask him to come into your life  and confess that you need him,he has been waitting for a long time for you and he loves you very very much…john 3;16 says anyone that confesses jesus christ has the son of God shall be saved and not dammed.Confess him here and now proclaim that he is the son of God,,i profess you jesus   has the son of God and i believe in you…I m so sorry for all of my sins please forgive me..I invite you today into my heart please come into my life and live in me….congradulations you have just made JESUS CHRIST  YOUR ETERNAL HOPE OF GLORY….REJOICE  AND THANK HIM YOUR FREE FROM  THE CURSE OF SATAN….CALL ANYTIME FOR PRAYER YOU WILL SPEAK TO ME…I AM PASTOR ANNA A DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH…808 348-3291ton

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