His Name Is Jesus

Jesus is the way the Truth and the Life, and No One comes to the Father except through Jesus. Jesus says these words in John 14:6.

He Is The Great I Am, A Savior That Loves Us All So Much, Kind, Compassionate, Caring, Loyal, Honest, Faithful, He Is The Same Yesterday today and Forever, He Never Waivers, lies, steals, kills or destroy to cause Fear, shame, doubt, worthless, a no body, Jesus Is The Keeper Of Us ALL, The Key To Live In This World The Way God The Father Intended For Us To Live, Without Our Savior we will never have known true Love, True Peace, Faith that Can Move Mountains, Hope In The One True King, That He Will Come For Us All Again, and We all May Worship in all His Glory at the Foot Of Jesus, A Place Where Is Truly Our Home “Heaven”. “Ohhh what a Glorious Day That Will Be”!

But Until Than, Seek Jesus, He has thought us in In the Bible, His Words and His Words is Of Truth. We all have days where we have worries, concerns of our family, children, job, finances, our health etc. Rest assured that Jesus Has Been There, Our King had days were that was filled with distress, disorder, being misunderstood, by the ones He Loved, Jesus never got worried or feared of what could or may happen. Jesus had an inner calm a peace, this peace he has given us all, His Peace!!! John 14:15-27 Peace I Leave With You, My Peace I Give To You. In His Presence we can give Jesus all our worries, pain, heart break, pain, being misunderstood, being hurt over and over again when you only love, feeling worthless and not worthy of anything nor anyone, feeling unloved and not wanted, Run To Jesus, Pray, Lay Your Heart Out Unto Your Savior, whom is waiting FOR YOU.! In the midst of troubles, peace can be found in Jesus. Paul assures us, the Peace Of God Will Come To Guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7)

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