Happy New Year

2022 is the year of man ! Greetings friends i must say i am so sorry for being off line due to my computer crashing seems like satan doesnt want these messages to get out so you will see !But should you know anything about me i am not a quitter! THE YEAR OF MAN !Why cause add the numbers of that year ok lets go 2022 2plus2equals 4 plus 0 equals 4 plus 2 equals 6 In the book of Genesis G0d created man six,so that means many souls will come to Jesus like never before,so here i am asking you will you come?Like me i knew there was a god but i thought he was always mad at me ,until one day i saw in the scriptures that he died for me on a cross to wipe out all of my sins and with his blood it blotted them out once and for all and if i was the only living soul jesus would have still went to the cross for me!WOW THEN I UNDERSTOOD no one could have this kind of love for meeeee only a saviour named jesus!JOHN 3;16 Now is your opportunity I will ask you do you believe Jesus CHRIST is the SON of GOD?And Are You SORRY for All of YOUR  SINS?And Do You Invite him into your Heart and Life?I Pray this is your year to accept Jesus has your personal saviour!2022 2022 2022

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