Greetings in the Name OF Jesus

Today is a new day and the word of God clearly says do not let your heart be troubled or let it be afraid for jesus came to give us peace and with this peace we will live an d have our being,so brothers and sisters keep your eyes on jesus for he is our peace and strength our deliverer our high tower our strength and above all our saviour and healer.I am 62 years old i dont go to drs or take any medication i take the communion in matthew 26 ;26;27;27’8 it reads this is my body that was given for you and this is my blood that was given for take it and eat and drink it for this is given to you that you may have life everlasting life,so take it and live this is the antidote that the world doesnt have and it is in the communion…i will be happy to speak and take communion with you at any time you can call me or email at be blessed and take you communion but before you take here are 3 important questions i will ask you.Do you believe jesus christ is the son of God?And are you sorry for all of your sins? And do you invite him into your heart today and for ever?I pray the answers were all yes this brings you salavation!I am pastor anna and the iamthatiamonegod approves this messg because he is jesus and jesus loves you my brother jesus loves you my sister dont lose hope we werent meant to die but to live for ever!Till i hear from you or i send a message out be blessed and receive this word love you i plead the blood of jesus on you to guide and protect u always amen.

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