Fight Back With Your Oil

In the book of Isaiah 14: 12 it reads: How art thou fallen o lucifer son of the morning and cut down to the ground! 13. Continues to say for Lucifer says to God I will ascend in the heaven and exalt a throne above the stars of God and in verse 14, and sit above the clouds and be like the most high, in verse 15 God answered and says Not So! To The pit of Hell You Go, Use your oil today, satan is trying to kill, rob and destroy John 10:10 your place with Jesus because he is a defeated foe, and has lost everything that he once had he was a angel until he tried to take the Holy Spirits place which is  Jesus….Call on the Lord Jesus and be saved, It is written in mark 6:13, Anoint yourself with oil, cast out the devil’s and let the sick be Healed…Oil is the Holy Spirit, satan is on the run when he sees the oil, for he knows it is written ,the oil is the holy spirit…Any donations will be used to support this ministry…The oil is for you to wear and pour on the crown of your head, use it to bless your homes and children, don’t be caught unaware we are in the last days, fires, earthquakes, planes falling from the skies, satan is on the prowl, fight back with your oil use it and rebuke with all authority say, “jude1:9”

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