I am not moved or troubled by what i see,for there is no justice or what we call fairness for everyone,that is why Jesus came to save us.I know you must feeling the unjustice of this world just look around you.For me getting out of bed every morning is a celebration of life,knowing that Jesus is in control of this world i dont have to have no fear of tomorrow this is my peace ,my justice my fairness after all that is the reason for the cross.The world is falling apart in front of our eyes people are not coping well,what to do call on jesus !Find a place and scream out his name or take a drive and call his name out or just go in your closet and call his name by the way i speak from experience i did all 3 and still do this , i have peace i sleep well and i died 5 years ago and came back to life i called out jesus please use me for someone anybody let me tell them about you jesus and how real you are and i came back to this body and i share the goodness of jesus and his amazing love.Today i want to invite you to know how real jesus is by leading you to life that gives you peace and hope and joy and wellness ,1. do you believe jesus is the son of God? 2. Are you sorry for all of your sins? 3. And do you invite him into your life today? My friend i prayed you answered yes to all 3 for you are saved thru the precious blood of jesus who became the antidote for the world!I leave you with this world keep your eyes on jesus and follow him read and buy a king james bible and read the 4 gospels Matthew ,mark,luke,john best book in the world love it and it will love you back for this is god himself.Be blessed for you woke up this morning until next time follow me on instagram under iamthatiamonegod for live messages that will build you too grow! love you in jesus christ the son of god pastor anna

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