paid in full!

Dont worry about any debt  paid in full, is what the word says that is  if you gave your life to jesus!!! Are you sorry for all of your sins?do you believe jesus christ is the son of god? Do you invite him in your heart today?Saved saved saved should all  questions be yes,dont delay  accept him in your life today,has i was looking back on my life has a young girl ,when i was forced to put my alcoholic dad to bed when he came home at 4am in the morning for fear he tried to hit my mom ,i had to obey and do this i said nothing ,when my brother beat me ,all that was told to me by my mother was put on makeup  on so your brother doesnt feel bad ,i said nothing,there were so many more things i can add ,but for now the point was i didnt have a voice,and now i speak loudly of what jesus has brought me thru to be the voice to you and tell you ,use your voice today and call on jesus yes i beleive you are the son of god i am so sorry for all of my sins and yes i invite you in my heart,this my friend is deliverance from generational curses that once we were silence from speaking out to jesus to take these demons away from all of our past hurt,this is why i am strong because of jesus living in the inside of me no  more fear or pain this i was delivered from,love you all we had a big order of oil that was sent out ,next order ships out on friday jan 15th 2021 text me with your  address and for those who can send a donation it is appreciated but only if u can, love u all my testamonial pastor anna

pray for this world!

In jesus we  live and move and have our being!JESUS CAME TO GIVE US LOVE1Can we embrace love from Jesus?Do you believe that jesus christ is the son of God?Are you sorry for all of your Sins?And do you invite him into your life?Jesus came to save this World call on him ,then you are free to love everyone even me!    Dont Delay

2 SAMUEL 7;26;27;28


oil oil oil

call in for the oil ,oil is protection against the devil in the book of matthew it reads they cast out many devils and anointed them with oil,because i know we are in a spiritual warfare that does not require guns,or other warfare items ,this is a attack on us from satan,he is jealous of you because he knows that jesus ransomed you with the antidote of himself ,and with the blood of jesus and the confession of you calling out to him by saying I BELEIVE IN YOU JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD.IM SO SORRY FOR AALL MY SINS PLEASE FORGIVE ME ,PLEASE COME INTO MY LIFE.   thats it!  You are saved!!!!read it in John 3:16 the oil is for you go out and buy a bottle of oil,better yet go in your kitchen and put some in a cap and dip your finger in it and put it on your crown of your head  and forehead,I make oil necklaces and put them in little travling bottles and will be happy to send them to you.for those who havent gotten them hold on please send in for them please it is your antidote,not the vaccine it will give you false hope!!!Jesus is the hope for this broken world he is the hope of all glory he will protect us and has ownership on our souls!!! I LOVE U ALL ,thank you for all that visit this web site ,i am encouraged because of you,so please keep talking to Jesus never stop. Merry Christmas love you all! visit me under iamthatiamonegod  on instagram

Oh Holy Night

Hi Everyone! Praying when you read this you’re all doing very well. So sorry I haven’t been on as my computer had crashed. I made a vow to post almost everyday and I broke it ;( So once again I’m sorry, So now on a different note that’s much lighter I would like to encourage you with being strong and well rooted in Jesus! In the book of Joshua 1:9- God Commands Joshua to be strong and of good courage and not to be afraid and don’t be heartbroken and know that the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go. This is a promise to all of Gods children! And if you are reading this it is not by accident. I can feel there are many of you who have been struck with a loss or beloved one or a disappointment in life, I to have had many disappointments in my life but instead of letting it make me bitter or angrier I let it bring me to my knees and I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ the son of God. So what is made to break us God will use it for his glory because today I am a living example of Gods goodness in my own life. I am not rich but yet I am rich, I have peace that the world doesn’t have, I have joy that is a continuous joy and I know when I take my last breath on earth my first breath will be in the heavens. So right now I would like to ask you to say a prayer with me- Do you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, And are you truly sorry for all your sins then do you accept him in your hearts today? I pray the answer is all Yes! to all of these questions and if there are any of you that are in doubt I leave you with a Romans 9:15 that on the day you see God, and you will he will have mercy and compassion on your soul as there are not enough words to tell you how much I love you because the love I have comes straight from God for God is love 1st John 4:8. You may also visit me on Instagram under the IamthatIamOneGod. Until I have another word for you please continue to view our messages. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on you and I rebuke the devil Jude 1:9. Love always Pastor Anna!

I vow!

I want to thank you all who visited this website and simply say i love you all ,for viewing this site’not for the likes or even dislikes but just that you took the time to visit,i vow to be here for you in a way where i can stay connected with you!I am a person who like many had a very hostile abusive child hood,I was timid in life that i acted like the class clown to be accepted!Today i am still a clown to many, many people mainly cause i cant stop talking about jesus christ the son of god,Jesus delivered me from me! The pain and fear and rage and angier only jesus could TAKE AWAY ,so today i vow to post often and say thank you for opening your self to jesus ,he is real and one day you will see him,but for now you must feel in him IN THE form that he is IN .you need no visual but a heart and mind that surrenders to him by feeling the holy ghost that is moving on you right now!For jesus is a spirit that moves and checks the heart and that is what he is willing to do right now,will you please open you heart and mind and let me lead you into this transformation of the holy spirit? DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD? ARE YOU SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS? AND DO YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR LIFE TODAY? I pray all of your answers were YES,AND BEING THEY WERE YOU ARE SAVED! YOU ARE DELIVERED FROM YOU AND SATAN WHO HAS TRIED SO HARD TO CONFUSE YOU FOR HE IS THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION,LOOK AT THE WORLD ITS ALL IN CONFUSION BUT THE ONE THING I KNOW IS TO KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! I WANT TO SAY A PRAYER FOR YOU RIGHT NOW,I PRAY TO YOU JESUS FOR EVERYONE VIEWING THIS MESSAGE THAT YOU WILL OPEN THEIR EYES AND HEART TO YOU AND REVEL THE HOLY GHOST WHICH IS YOUR SPIRIT TO THEM AND LEAD THEM TO YOU ,HELP THEM TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU ,AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO OPEN THEIR HEARTS TO YOU MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY!For those who are not sure lord help them not to wait much longer.for tomorrow is promiced to no one!I pray for them that you will have mercy on their soul for when they see you.they will know you are real i pray a romans 9:15 that in all jesus goodness he will have compassion on your soul!!!Until i see you in my heart i love you with the love of Jesus!!!!LOVE ALWAYS PASTOR ANNA


Hi Everyone This Is Pastor Anna first of all i want to say thank you for all the support you have given to this ministry,for over 7 years i have been in the places that no one would want to go and even now that is where i am,the church has we know it is closed we rent from the department of education and now to this day they have not contacted me,i have been going out to the houseless sites and where ever i see abandoned cars where families are living in .i try to bring them a hot meal clothes and easy opening can food with that i know i have been promoted in the field,from the beginning i always said church is in you,it is not in a building for you are the temple of the living God jesus is his name!I FEEL THIS IS MY PROMOTION before i go see Jesus,for if i cant go out and touch others then i am liken unto the servant who lost his talent and buried in his back yard,and when the master came to see what the servant invested in such has helping one another he had nothing to say ,this is too far a price i cannot repay ,you see somebody woke me up,and said daughter stand to your feet and follow me ,it was then that i began to see love and this love i did not know has a child,i was the most unloved unsecure person you may have ever known ,even taking pictures i could not look in the camera,i tell you this because jesus has transformed my life and for the first time in my life i know the meaning of true love it is in jesus!He loves unconditionally and for this i dont try to figure out who loves me who judges me i know that jesus loves and for me this is huge and it is bigger then anyone else who is trying to make u feel less then who u are!I dont profess to know it all cause i do not but the one sure thing you can count on is the love of Jesus!He will never ever stop loving you for this reason he went to the cross and purchased our souls back from the author of lies old fallen foe satan aka lucifer once a beautiful angel but he let pride stand in front of him and he fall out of heaven and he is here trying to steal this word i am given to you 1/3 fallen angels are fallen with him …What to do? cCall on jesus Just say jesus i need you come into my life i need you i am so sorry for all of my sins ,please come into my life and heart ,its that easy jesus Jesus made nothing hard wee do that on our own,so my friend and i call you this because in the bible in John 15;13 it reads Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends, i leave you with this i ask that you too make this decession and follow jesus ,please pray for me in the field has i go out to feed and minister to souls,i can truly say i love you all dont loose hope keep your eyes on jesus follow me on instagram for more live messages under iamthatiamonegod love you love you love you!


Greeting my fellow friends,neighbors,sister and brothers may the blood of jesus be upon you and i pray jesus blessings on you to guide and protect you always!I know we are in a war with Peace and that so many things are happening right now,but this is a time to stand and pray that god will send peace and healing back to us!2nd Chronicles 7;14 reads if my people who will humble themselves and confess that jesus christ is the son of god and confess him has your lord and saviour we shall be saved and not perish meaning do not lose heart and soul john 3;16 ,also in the book of chronicles it reads that we must seek jesus to heal our land and forgive us from our sins…So now is the time to have a true talk with jesus,its the only way my friend i can tell you from experience i had so much rage and hate and anger that i didnt want to live ,but in my desperation i called out to jesus to help me and he answered and he gave me a new meaning of life and today i am free from anger ,rage,hate and i forgot the main one feeling unloved,i am free and loved by jesus so no matter what comes or goes i belong to jesus.Let me help you has someone also led me to jesus ,simply by asking you do you believe that jesus christ is the Son of GOD?ARE YOU TRULY SORRY FOR ALL OF YOUR SINS? AND DO YOU INVITE HIM INTO YOUR HEART FOR EVER? I pray all of your answers were YES…….You are saved and you are free from all those voices and bondages has i named mine but i am free also stay tune to messages on facebook under charlotte ferreira and on instagram under iamthatiamonegod under pastor anna keep encouraged dont lose hope remember this ,you are Loved by Jesus the Son of GOD! 1 john 4;8 FOR GOD IS LOVE until next time pick up your cross and follow Jesus!!!! Love pastor Anna


I am not moved or troubled by what i see,for there is no justice or what we call fairness for everyone,that is why Jesus came to save us.I know you must feeling the unjustice of this world just look around you.For me getting out of bed every morning is a celebration of life,knowing that Jesus is in control of this world i dont have to have no fear of tomorrow this is my peace ,my justice my fairness after all that is the reason for the cross.The world is falling apart in front of our eyes people are not coping well,what to do call on jesus !Find a place and scream out his name or take a drive and call his name out or just go in your closet and call his name by the way i speak from experience i did all 3 and still do this , i have peace i sleep well and i died 5 years ago and came back to life i called out jesus please use me for someone anybody let me tell them about you jesus and how real you are and i came back to this body and i share the goodness of jesus and his amazing love.Today i want to invite you to know how real jesus is by leading you to life that gives you peace and hope and joy and wellness ,1. do you believe jesus is the son of God? 2. Are you sorry for all of your sins? 3. And do you invite him into your life today? My friend i prayed you answered yes to all 3 for you are saved thru the precious blood of jesus who became the antidote for the world!I leave you with this world keep your eyes on jesus and follow him read and buy a king james bible and read the 4 gospels Matthew ,mark,luke,john best book in the world love it and it will love you back for this is god himself.Be blessed for you woke up this morning until next time follow me on instagram under iamthatiamonegod for live messages that will build you too grow! love you in jesus christ the son of god pastor anna


if we meet and you forget me you have lost nothing!But when you meet Jesus Christ and forget him you lost everything!