We Are Back!!! Stronger Than Ever!!! FIRE OF GOD

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I just want to give God all the Praise and the Glory, I’m so thankful, I want to share that God Our Father is SO GOOD,  the enemy thought that he had me, but in fact he was already defeated when he started to stir up things when I started to come back on and write your word Lord on this website, the enemy new as well that we was working on the oil, oh Lord, my laptop started to act up, I couldn’t get into the program, than my lap top crashed, I couldn’t get in from my phone, and you know what I knew right there that I was on the right track that this is what Jesus wanted me to do, we had to take the lap top to fix, when I got it back everything was gone, I tried and I tried to get back on this website, it kept taking me to different places it wasn’t showing me what I needed to see to get back in, just now I was trying again for half and hour, trying to get back in and it was doing the same thing not taking me where I’m suppose to go, a commercial came on the tv and it was talking about hope, I was typing in the website again, I pressed enter and looked at the tv, it was a good message of hope, I look back at my laptop and low and behold what do I see, I see the W that I need to see to get back into this website, mind you I’ve been trying to get back in the website for over a week, I told myself I’m not giving up, I’m going to keep going despite on what things look like or how frustrating it was getting,  I kept talking to Jesus and Praising Him and Thanking the Holy Spirit for helping me because I have no idea on what was going on. BUT JESUS KNEW AND HE PREVAILED LIKE ALWAYS!!! I Will be back on and posting again…Pastor Anna and I was given a Vision for the Anointing Oil, I will be posting pictures so you all can see and be blessed.

Exodus 29:7 Then shall you take the Anointing oil and pour it upon your head…This is the oil that will anoint you prosper you, and heal you, why because the oil represents the holy spirit…Send in for your oil and we will ship it to u …We are a ministry that preaches the love of Jesus and whom so ever believes that Jesus is the son of God and repents and asks Jesus to come into their lives is saved..John 3;16 Any donations will be used to support this message.