Cant do it alone!

HI friends,brothers ,sisters in Christ and to those who are reading this web site or rather visiting for the first time welcome.I have a word for you has i search out my self and what it is stirring in my gut or weather its called the holy spirit who guides me to speak to you i right now am earnestly seeking what it is that i must tell you and it is you are not alone !The reason i know this is I struggled in my life with so many demons in The past that stopped me from feeling loved or wanted to be accepted of the people who I admired so much this left me with a great depression and low self esteem. I tried to hide the hurt and hurt me instead by drinking until i passed out and weed i was also the clown who wanted to make everyone laugh while i was dying inside. Little did i know i was soon to die to these demons that tormented me it was soon to take place when i hit my lowest fall to my knees and cried out Jesus I NEED YOU PLESE HELP ME!It was like a whole new being came inside of me and i felt a Love and Peace i never knew,i was on my way to a new level that chased all the demonic forces away!At the age of 19 years old i gave my life to jesus and all tho i cannot tell you it was a smooth road i am not alone or unloved or depressed or the clown infact i can tell you i am a kick giving warrior who now has the demonic forces on the run and god uses me for the once bondage i was in YOU  are not alone i can assure you say it with me from the depth of your gut   I AM NOT ALONE!!      Now say              JESUS I NEED YOU!!!!!Please come into my Life,i am sorry  for all of my faults and sins that wait on him and feel the refreshing take place while he does his masterwork and fill you with the holy spirit and you too will find that peace! I will continue to stay on this topic thru the month of febuary so please contac me respond to me in any way you feel led to and god will use me to help you! visit me on fb under my legal name charlotte ferreira and on insta gram under  iamthatiamonegod has i have live updated messages and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU LOVE YOU IN CHRIST    pastor Anna

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