Blessed and Favored

Good Morning Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, Today is a Beautiful Day, blessed, loved and highly favored. Beautiful in God’s creation. From the mountains to the oceans. Look up to the heavens, thank our Father in heaven of His goodness, kindness and love for us all. Pray for others and your family and friends. Thank Jesus and tell him how much you love him. How much your thankful of his goodness, love, for never leaving us nor forsaking us, always seeing us through all life storms. He has thought me to always look UP, focus on him, keep your focus upon Jesus, keeping the Faith, knowing that on the other side of this trails and tribulation, there is a GLORY Coming. A lesson perhaps, but definitely always a growth, that grows you and shows you the way of the Lord, allowing the Holy Spirit that is within you to teach you the ways of our Father and Son. To help us in this world to live in God’s world. This is Truth, knowing and learning God’s word, learning and getting to know Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior. Having a relationship with Him, will help you to battle spiritually in this world, to defeat the snares and lies of the enemy, it will help you to get to know the lies and the tactics of the enemy. Getting to know who you are in Christ, that you are renewed and saved by the Blood of the Lamb. When He died on the cross, He saved all of our lives, a selfless act, sinless life. Jesus’s teaches how to love, how to live in peace and with joy in your life. Allow Him to transform and renew your mind. Allow him to clean and search you heart to make it right the way our hearts suppose to be. Its truly an Amazing gift in itself, learning and getting to know your holy spirit, Jesus and Our Father in Heaven. “Our Trinity”. 13. The word of God will open up your eyes, your heart, your ears to all truth. The relationship will continue to grow, so will the love and at the love is so overwhelming that I weep over flowing with His love and presence I weep. It’s totally amazing. I pray that everyone will want to know this kind of intimacy with our Lord and Savior, that they will become followers of Christ’s heart. Allow the holy spirit and the word of God to teach us all the ways of our Lord and Father, praising and thanking them, loving upon them with a grateful and thankful heart. Life is amazing when you submit your life to God and believe in His Son Jesus Christ. Believe and allow the Holy Spirit to do a good work in you, and you will truly, always never be disappointed, He works all things for Good. Search our hearts oh Lord and out all the rubbish and fill it back with your promises, our love, your truth and all things good and just. Wreck us and break us, show us the truth so we may know and see the lies of satan, satan may fire his fiery darts but we fight back with God’s Sword of the Spirit and many more of Gods protection that He will teach us all how to use. We have the blood of Jesus, we have the hedge of protection, we have oil, we have prayer, we have faith, we have so much that God has equipped us all with, ask God for Discernment, eyes to see and ears to hear, thank you Father for your favor on our lives, and Your Son Jesus Christ.I AM THAT I AM ONE GOD. plea’s the blood of Jesus over you and your family, may you all be blessed today and always. We have Bibles for you, the Daily Bread and Anointing Oil for you all, leave us your name and address and we will get those to you. Below we have a donation button, we call it love offerings, if you feel the holy Spirit to give, we thank you and appreciate you all.

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