greeting in the name of jesus and welcome to another simple message that will transform you in the likeness of jesus!Are u wanting something that is good for you or have you settle for good enough or  same old same you ! What are you seeking for wealth health love?Well i can tell u the truth unless u have jesus you will come up very short so short that u will want to stop reading this message short enough for you to lose out on what you were created for a purpose of the soul be created for the glory of a saviour named jesus who created you and loves you uncondtionally this  love  is only from jesus and until u seek him out you will never know true peace happiness and love What are you expecting ?let me help you please       i will ask you do you believe that jesus christ is the son of god? are you sorry for all of your sins? and do u invite him into your heart and LIFE ? I pray your answers are all yes yes yes and by the power in the name of jesus i claim your souls for the glory of gOD amen amen amen my friend dont wait call on jesus and have true love happiness and peace! Until next time i love u all and i plead the blood of jesus upon you all! AMEN

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