Act With God

Good Morning Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ. Act with God-Able to say, “Be Blessed, Be Healed, Be Delivered. Faith is of man’s heart, anyone can believe but not everyone can express their faith. When there is no faith, the belief in your heart will remain dormant. How will you call on Jesus, talk to Jesus when the belief in your heart is dormant? Anything that comes by force is not faith, faith is something that comes spontaneously, naturally, who will open the door for the belief you have? Belief is inside the box, locked, faith locked in a box and put the key in the pocket. For belief to come out faith has to take the key out of the pocket and open the box many have belief but no faith. Your belief is dormant, it is inside the box, inactive, Christianity is not more talk, we should put it to practice. So lets take that key out from that pocket and unlock your box, allow your faith to shine through, Prayer, followed with an attitude of absolute trust in God. When you finish prayer, you should immediately leave it for God, don’t worry yourself, if we believe in God in a certain matter, we should have work of faith in that matter, you say “In Jesus name, thank you Lord, Amen.” Leave the issue for God. Don’t worry about that. It means you apply FAITH. Faith is immediately you finish prayer, faith takes it up. Be ready to change, we are here for conversion and sanctification. Conversion and sanctification is the renewing of the mind a change not of the substance but of the qualities of the soul. So brothers and sisters in Christ let us unlock our Faith with our belief and trust in God and be doers of this world. Be Blessed today and always, covered by the blood of Jesus and LOVED BY GOD OUR FATHER, JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR AND OUR HOLY SPIRIT WHO LEADS US INTO ALL TRUTH.

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